The Story

Who We Are

All Hands wasn’t started by industry insiders, or millionaire investors. We obsessed about these recipes sitting in deer stands, at the end of fly rods, and on the sidelines of football practice. We built this with our friends and family, so it would be good enough for your friends and family.

We put our heads down and went to work, forging a kinship in simplicity that resonates with all cocktail drinkers – pairing the highest grade real distilled spirits we can find and blending them with only 100% all natural fruit flavors and premium mixers. The result? A canned experience akin to dawn patrol in your favorite zone, or a long weekend with the home team.

So come find us. Crack a can and savor it with a friend. From tailgates and backyards to skiffs and horse trails – see for yourself why this canned concoction is selling out everywhere we go. You’ll know in that moment – what you’re enjoying isn’t just good for the soul, it’s damn fine.

All Hands Cocktails
All Hands Cocktails
Our Name

All Hands Cocktails is short for “all hands on deck,” an old nautical call to arms requiring everyone to come together toward a common goal. We’re building a fleet of cocktail lovers who value community, spending time outdoors, making memories, and taking us with you. There’s room for everyone in the All Hands Good Fleet, and we are stoked for you to join us!


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